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What are aerosols/particulates June 19,2020.

Since PM2.5 has been widely concerned, particulate matter has gradually been known to everyone. When it comes to particulate matter, you have to mention aerosol, so what are the differences and connections between particulate matter and aerosol?

First of all, aerosol is a synthetic word, which refers to a mixture of a gaseous medium and atmospheric particulate matter. It is a colloidal system. The English name is Aerosol. Its essence is similar to that of milk. Milk is floating in the water medium with some fats and proteins. Matter, and particles floating in the air are aerosols. Broadly speaking, an aerosol contains a gaseous medium and particles floating in it, which is the general term for these two types of substances. Academia's cognition of aerosol is a process from broad to narrow sense, from the initial broad understanding, to the removal of the medium, and narrowing to only the particulate matter in the atmosphere; finally, the precipitation of the atmosphere (hail, Raindrops, ice crystals, snowflakes) are all excluded, including only soil particles, dust particles, volcanic ash, sea salt particles, sulfates, nitrates, ammonium salts and some elemental carbon particles, organic carbon particles and protein particles with biological activity (such as viruses) , Pathogens, pollen, spores, and organic debris from animal and plant corpses and excreta), this is currently the most narrow concept of aerosol.

Particles in the atmosphere are part of the aerosol, and generally refer to particulate particles with a dynamic particle size of 0.003 to 100 μm. At present, the general concern is the source, composition, migration and transformation of the various particles in the aerosol system, and the impact and harm of sedimentation. Therefore, the various solid particles dispersed in the aerosol system are generally called atmospheric particulate matter.

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