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What is the functional configuration of the nozzle bag sealing machine June 11,2020.

The tube sealing machine is mainly used in self-supporting nozzle bags, so his history is basically synchronized with the nozzle bags, which can also be called the nozzle bag sealing machine. It is mainly divided into two periods. The early tube sealing machine was mainly operated manually. The straw was placed manually at the mouth of the bag, and then placed between two heat sealing knives for heat sealing. Since the development and production of the automatic tube sealing machine, the operation of the nozzle bag sealing is mainly mechanical operation, and people mainly add raw materials regularly and check the faults of the tube sealing machine. The promotion and popularization of automatic tube sealing machines have brought great convenience to the manufacturing industry, food processing and other industries, saved a large part of labor costs, and improved packaging efficiency. So, do you know which parts are included in the automatic sealing machine?

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The tube sealing machine is mainly a fully automated machine that automatically inserts the ready-made flexible packaging bags into the straws, and welds the straws and the packaging bags into one. It is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Vibrating disk automatic pipe feeding: the system can automatically sort the straws and transport them to the upper pipe device according to the established method.

2. Upper tube system: The tube sealing machine uses the air cylinder to send the suction tube into the bayonet of the conveying device.

3. Conveying system: The splitter imported from Taiwan has precise positioning.

4. Bag loading system: It consists of a bag silo, a bag taking device and a bag feeding device, which is used to take out the packaging bags from the bag silo and transport them to the main drive line.

5. Heat sealing system: The system is composed of multiple groups of heat sealing cylinders, which can complete the functions of spot welding, multiple heat sealing, and cooling and setting.

GBPI is a combination of research and development, production, sales, service, etc. Committed to the development and innovation in the fields of automated machinery, high-precision instruments and laboratory construction, our research and development of the tube sealing machine is professionally used for straws and bags for automatic casing And the heat-sealing machine can be applied to many different types of straws, with different calibers and different lengths. Suitable for different bag types, upright bags, three-side sealed bags, beveled bags, penguin bags. Products are suitable for a variety of industries, beverages, daily chemicals, medicine, food, etc. It has the characteristics of light weight, small footprint, simple operation and stable performance. The main components are all made of aluminum and stainless steel, which meets the environmental and sanitary quality requirements of GMP for food and medicine. Fully automatic delivery, bag delivery, heat sealing and discharge during the working process. easy to use. Two to three sets of online production only need three to four people, and a single machine only needs one person to operate, saving labor and flexibly controlling orders.

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