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/Spout Insert and Sealing Machine With Infrared Detection System

Spout Insert and Sealing Machine With Infrared Detection System

GF1600-B Spout Sealing Machine is specialized for inserting spouts and sealing bags fully automatically. It is applied to a variety of spouts and bags of different diameters and lengths, such as standing-up bags, 3-side sealing bags, and doypacks

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GF1600-B Spout Sealing Machine Brief Introduction

GF1600-B Spout Sealing Machine is specialized for inserting spouts and sealing bags fully automatically. It is applied to a variety of spouts and bags of different diameters and lengths, such as standing-up bags, 3-side sealing bags, and doypacks.

 spout sealing inserting machine

stand up pouch spout sealing machine

spout bags spout inserting sealing machine

Product Fectures

1. Fully automatic; a single set of machine needs only one operator, and the operator just needs to load enough spouts and bags at intervals.
2. Adopting round disc structure, the equipment occupies small space.
3. All the components are made of aluminum and stainless steel, and meet the hygienic and quality requirements of food, pharmaceutical, environmental and industries. 
4. Easy to use with precise control; runs stably and works long hours continuously.
5. Adopts imported temperature control module, SMC pneumatic component, Omron PLC control unit to insure the quality, performance, and life of the machine.
6. Automatically detects faults, gives alarms, stops, diagnoses and show where the fault is.

GBPI Spout Sealing Machine Adopt Advanced System

♦  GF1600-B Spout Sealing Machine consists of spout delivery system, bag delivery system, heat sealing system, bag collecting system, central control system and base.
♦  The spout delivery system consists of chutes, vibrating disks and lead rails. The photoelectric sensors can induce the spouts to control the charging action.
♦  The bag delivery system utilizes the pneumatic sucker.The delivery and sealing system have double positions, which doubls the efficiency.
♦  The heat sealing system includes a big turntable, heat sealing blades and workstations. There are 6 sets of heat sealing blades: 1set for preheating, 4 for heat sealing and 1for cooling.
♦  The workstations are adjustable for bags of different sizes. Customers can order diverse sealing blades for spouts of various types. 
♦  Every sealing blade has an independent temperature controller,and runs and debugs independently.
♦  The bag collecting system consists of finished products collecting table and waste product recycling table. Photoelectricity sensor and pneumatic control makes the manufacturing process truly automatic.
♦  The control panel deploys a touch screen, on which all kinds of parameters can be set, and working status in real time such as complete amount, time, success rate and failure rate can be show. 
♦  Other parts: 12 temperature control meter, 18 pressure gages, and 2~4 emergency stop buttons (1 button on each side of the machine).

♦  The base is easy to dismantle, transport and assemble.

Technical Specifications
Bag types: self-stand bags, three-side sealing bags, doypacks, irregular bags and cubic bags
Spout standard: diameter 8.5mm or 10mm, customization is available
Bag width: medium tube 60-120mm, inclined tube 60~150mm
Bag length: medium tube 70~210mm, inclined tube 60~150mm
Processing speed: medium tube 90pcs/min (customized bag rack,three-side sealing bags and doypacks) inclined tube 80pcs/min (irregular bags)
Main transmission structure: splitter (0 degree error)
Servo motor: special flange gear-down motor
Sealing method: heat sealing 
Sealing blades: 6 sets-- 1 set for cooling.
Controlling method: PLC controlled
Temperature control: PID controlled, precision: 0.1 ℃
Sense method: photoelectric sensed
Cooling device: tube and water (current velocity: 0.5m/s)
Bag collecting quantity: Dual-track collect bags, each track 40~50 pcs
Power: 13KW
Electric source: 380V, in three-phase four-wire system
Machine size: about 240cm(width) x 220cm(length) x 230cm(hight)
Weight: 2000kg

Main Components and Their Brands





Servo motor  

Made in China


Frequency transformer






Magnetic switch



Photoelectric switch 



Pneumatic component



Temperature control module






LCD touch screen







Spout sealing machine

1 set


Vibrating disk 

2 sets


Sealing blade 

6 sets


Bag putting rack

1 set


Bag collecting rack

1 set


Installation tools

1 set


Spefication (User Manual)

1 set

Machine Production Working Samples

GF1600-B Spout Sealing Machine is a fully automatic system consists of heat sealing system, spout input system, and bag input system, bag output system, and central control system mounted on single base frame from module. All systems are equipped with electronic sensors and relays to work cordially for efficient and quality manufacturing of packaging bags.

spout sealing machine

spout inserting machine

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