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Automatic Rotary Tube Sealing Machine December 3,2020.

Sealing machineis also called stand-up pouch welding machine, nozzle bag sealing machine , automatic pipe sealing machine, etc.
It is a packaging machine that heat-seals straws for stand-up pouches with nozzles or straws.
Widely used in: beverages, juices, fabric softener, chicken powder, MSG,
Self-supporting bags such as detergent, soy sauce, pepper, hand sanitizer, various motor oil, edible oil, etc.

Automatic Rotary Tube Sealing Machine






variety of spouts

Typical Pouch Sytles Can Bring In This Model


The tube sealing machine is mainly to automatically insert the straw into the ready-made soft packaging bag, and weld the straw and the packaging bag into one

Body of fully automated machinery.

It mainly consists of the following parts:

1. Vibration plate automatic pipe feeding: The system can automatically arrange the straws and transport them to the upper pipe device in a predetermined way.

2. Pipe feeding system: The pipe sealing machine uses a cylinder to feed the straw into the bayonet of the conveying device.

3. Conveying system: The splitter imported from Taiwan, with precise positioning.

4. Bag loading system: It is composed of bag storage, bag taking device, and bag sending device, which is used to move the packaging bag from the bag storage

Take out and transport to the main drive line.

5. Heat-sealing system: This system is composed of multiple groups of heat-sealing cylinders, which have the functions of spot welding, multiple heat sealing, and cooling and shaping.

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