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Spout Sealing Machine

/Automatic Rotary Pouch Spout inserting and Sealing Machine GF1600-B

Automatic Rotary Pouch Spout inserting and Sealing Machine GF1600-B

This sealing/filling/capping machine(Packaging Machine/Packaging Machinery)is applicable for Fruit Juice/Salt /Sanitizing Gel/Skin Care/Sugar Powder/Tomato Sauce/ Ketchup/ Detergents Soap Packing in form of top/corner spout pouch or top/corner spout stand up pouch, 3-side sealing bags, and doypacks.

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Automatic Rotary Pouch Spout inserting and Sealing Machine GF1600-B

Main Specification

1.Spout Type

Doypack bags, three-side sealing bags, accordion bags, special bags

2.Bag Size

Max Sealing width: 60~120mm

Max Sealing length: 70~230mm

3. Material Type

Bag: In-layer PE, in-layer PP

Spout: PE, PP

4.Spout size

Caliber 8.5mm(normal), Caliber 10 mm

5. Machine Speed

30-120 pcs/ min ( Customized ,According To Material & Operating)

6.Heat sealing cutter

Preheat: 1 group                                              

Heat sealing: 4 Group   

Cooling: 1 group



8.Electric source

380V, in three-phase four-wire system

9.Machine size

about 290cm(width) x 270cm(length) x 220cm(hight)



Filling And Sealing Machine

Filling and Capping Machine

Automated Sealing Machines

pouch packaging machine

Main Components





Servo motor   

Made in China


Frequency transformer






Magnetic switch



Photoelectric switch  



Pneumatic component



Temperature control module






LCD touch screen







Spout sealing machine

1 set


Vibrating disk  

2 sets


Sealing blade  

6 sets


Bag putting rack

1 set


Bag collecting rack

1 set


Installation tools

1 set


Specification (User Manual)

1 set

Mechanical Structure

1.Control cabinet

PLC, Power, Display, Leakage Protection, etc.

2.Spout Delivery

Base, Spout inlet section, feeding track, vibration disk, vibration feed out

3. Turntable

Main turntable, 12 groups station frames

4. Station

6 groups sealing cutting and finished & wasted products station

5. Bag puttingplatform

Magnetic Valve, active groups of cylinders, upper and down support board, support column

6 .Automatically Placed bag system

Cylinder, Guide rail, Bag collecting platform

7. Regulator Panel

Panel, regulating table, pressure regulating Valve

Electricity control system

PLC Section

1.control method


2.Signal input


1 .Photo-electricity switch, detection distance 0.1m 

2. Magnetism switch                                                           

3. Temperature control signal output      

3.signal output

1. To control cylinder action by 24V relay controlling magnetic valve 

2. To control 3 layer warning light by 24V relay

Temperature      control  Section

1.control method


2.Temperature sensor

K type sensor

3.Temperature  accuracy


4.Heating facility

300 mm Heating stick



Bag putting control

1.Drive pattern


2.Drive Signal

PLC I/O signal output

3.Output control

By 24V relay controlling magnetic valve to control cylinder action

4.Protection system

To turn/off photoeletric signal input by U-type switch to prevent cylinder breaking out


turntable position

1.Drive mode

Converter drive

2.Revolving speed

0~60 Hz adjustable, positive and negative adjustable, accelerate /deceleration time  adjustable

3.Work Method

For each rotation , photoelectricity switch to PLC, PLC drives magnetic valve  

Heat-sealing System

Control method

visual tuning indicator, Magnetism switch, Valve, slitter. Motor, gearbox, and central control system

Heat-sealing method

Bi-directional sealing cutter for heat sealing , cylinder drive

Temperature -sensing



≤20 mm

Spout delivery system

Delivery spout

Automatic feeder, rail

Position control

Optical sensor detection, the central control system

Position sensor

Photoelectric sensor

Photoelectric sensitivity

≤0.5 mm

Bag delivery system

Drive mode

Cylinder drive

Control mode

Central control system


Duplex Sending Line

Bag output system

Drive mode

Pneumatic Drive

Control mode

Automatic counting of the central control system, control pendulum edges, each slot 50-54 pcs

Empty bag detection

Photoelectric switch

Spout bag sealing machine

Our Service:

1. ourengineer follow-up service for the door-to-door installation and training.

2. One Year warranty.

3. Warranty does not cover parts damaged by improper operation or maintenance procedures.

4. Warranty begins one date of receipt of equipment at customer’s facility.

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