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GBPI independently develops new products :Medical Mask Flame Retardant Tester November 2,2020.

When many customers consult us to provide mask detection solutions, they mainly focus on the bacteria filtration test(BFE)particle filtration detection of the mask(PFE) and the synthetic blood penetration test. Few customers will consider the flame retardant performance of the mask. In fact, The flame retardancy of a mask is one of the important physical indicators to measure the quality of medical protective masks. When the mask encounters a flame, the ability to stop the flame will directly affect the safety of the wearer. The flame retardant detection instrument for masks independently developed by GBPI can simulate the use of mask wearers in high-temperature flames through metal head molds and burners. The flame retardancy of the outlet cover can be detected from the time when the sample is burned and the flame retardant time. .

The flame retardant detection instrument for masks independently developed by GBPI is suitable for the determination of the flame retardant properties of medical masks and all protective masks. It can be used by medical inspection department, safety inspection department and scientific research unit.

Test principle

1. Use standard energy heat sources to test the mask and observe the burning behavior of the mask. The energy of the fire source is guaranteed by measuring the height and temperature of the flame.

2. The time for masks or other samples to pass through the fire source is stipulated by the standard, and the action time of the fire source is ensured by controlling the moving speed of the mask.

3. The combustion behavior of the sample is measured by the flame and flameless combustion of the sample.

Instrument structure

Windproof board, combustion box, metal head mold, igniter, residue container, fixing screw, flame height measuring scale

Instrument characteristics

1. The mask fixture is a metal human head mold, which simulates the actual use of the mask

2. The touch screen mask system makes the experiment operation more convenient

3. Automatic control system, automatic ignition

4. Automatic timing, automatic storage of experimental data, automatic output of experimental data

5. Equipped with flame temperature measurement probe

More mask detection solutions can be consulted on our website at any time: https://www.gbpitester.com

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