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Is wearing multiple masks better than a single mask? November 6,2020.

As we all know, in the face of viruses, flu, infectious diseases, and haze, wearing a mask is the best and most common protection. In news reports, some very interesting daily life phenomena have been reported: some people not only wear a mask, but also wear multiple masks. They think that the more layers of masks they wear, the more effective they are against viruses. Well, the safety factor will be higher, but is this really the case?

The general population chooses disposable masks, which are also called medical surgical masks. Although they are very thin, they are mainly made of non-woven fabrics, and then use straps and shaped pieces, which are filtered to play a protective role. Generally, disposable masks are mainly divided into three layers. The outermost layer can be mainly used for waterproofing, the middle layer can isolate particles, and the innermost layer is mainly for moisture absorption. Such masks can not only prevent viruses from outside, but also prevent their droplets from spreading to other people.

Some people worry that a mask will not achieve the protective effect. It should be used by stacking three masks. In fact, this is absolutely unnecessary. As long as the mask is worn correctly, it will be effectively prevented. Wearing one mask will make breathing difficult, and wearing multiple masks will make breathing more difficult. Wearing multiple masks at the same time cannot form a good fixed pattern. Under the pressure of multiple masks, it is easy to cause air leakage around the masks. To some extent, it increases the risk of virus infection and also increases the probability of heat stroke.

Therefore, we must choose a quality mask manufacturer: among the mask testing indicators, the mask’s bacterial filtration efficiency test and particulate filtration efficiency test, gas exchange pressure difference test, and respiratory resistance test are qualified. We can wear a mask every day according to the standard, and pinch it in the bridge of the nose to reduce the chance of virus invasion. In terms of the time to use the mask, if you are using a disposable mask, it is best not to reuse it. Replace it every 4 hours, which is conducive to daily protection. If we need to go to the epidemic area or need to have close contact with pneumonia patients, we are still safer to wear qualified N95 masks!

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