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Mask testing range and related testing standards May 11,2020.

mask testing equipmentToday, the market demand for disposable masks is relatively large. GBPI is a global service mask manufacturer, providing various types of daily protective mask testing, disposable medical mask testing, medical surgical mask testing, mask finished products and mask raw material testing.

Mask test range and related test standards:

1. Detection of disposable medical masks

The test standard is YY / T 0969-2013 "Disposable Medical Mask". The test items mainly include appearance, structure and size, nose clips, mask bands, bacterial filtration efficiency , ventilation resistance, microbial indicators, residual ethylene oxide, and academic evaluation of biology. Microbial indicators mainly detect the total number of bacteria, coliform bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococci and fungi The second biological evaluation project includes cytotoxicity, skin irritation and delayed-type hypersensitivity.

2. Detection of medical masks

The testing standard is the testing standard of YY / T 0469-2011 "Medical Mask". Test items include air tightness, particle filtration efficiency , filtration particle type, bacterial filtration efficiency and hemodialysis requirements.

3. Detection of medical protective masks

The detection standard is the technical requirements of medical masks GB19083-2010; the test items are air tightness, particle filtration efficiency, filtration particle type, bacterial filtration efficiency, hemodialysis, surface moisture resistance, flame retardancy, inhalation, and there should be no breathing Valves, etc.

4. Common N95 mask detection

The detection standard is GB2626-2006 breathing protection equipment self-inhalation filter type anti-particulate respirator, flame retardant, leakage rate, breath resistance, breath resistance, dead space, air tightness, etc.

5. PM2.5 protective mask detection

The test standard is T / CTCA 1-2015 "PM2.5 protective mask", TAJ 1001-2015 "PM2.5 protective mask". Test items mainly include apparent tests, formaldehyde, pH value, temperature and humidity pretreatment, decomposable carcinogenic ammonia dyes, microbial indicators, filtration efficiency, total leakage rate, respiratory resistance, connection between mask and body, dead angle, etc. . .

6. Knitted mask detection

The test standard is FZ / T 73049-2014 "Knitted Masks". The test items are mainly appearance quality, intrinsic quality, pH value, formaldehyde content, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye content, fiber content, saponification color fastness, water color fastness, saliva color fastness, rub color fastness, perspiration resistance Fastness, breathability, odor, etc.

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