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Will the wet mask affect the protective effect? February 2,2021.

the situation of epidemic prevention and control, it is very important to wear masks scientifically. In winter, many cities have already started to snow and are wet and cold outside. Wearing a mask and entering indoor places with relatively high temperatures will instantly soak the mask. Although a wet mask is a bit uncomfortable , But many people think that the protective effect of masks will be affected.

Disease control experts said: Masks mainly rely on electrostatic force to absorb viruses and aerosols. When they are wet, their electrostatic effect disappears, and they will not have the proper protective effect. Therefore, once the mask is wet, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

Does the expert's statement make sense? In order to demonstrate this problem, we need to start with the three-layer structure of the mask.

*The outer layer of the mask is non-woven fabric, which is generally dustproof and waterproof.

*The middle of the mask is melt blown cloth, which has electrostatic filtering effect.

*The inner layer of the mask is non-woven fabric, which can absorb and exhale water vapor.

The protective effect of the mask is mainly because the middle layer of the mask is a meltblown cloth with electrostatic filtering effect. This layer of cloth can absorb viruses by electrostatic force. If the mask is wet, the electrostatic force on the meltblown cloth will disappear or If it is weakened, the protection effect of the virus will be greatly reduced.

If the mask gets wet, its micro-level structure will be changed. This may cause bacteria and viruses to pass through the mask more easily, enter the mouth or nasal cavity, and then enter the human body.

Therefore, after the mask is wet, it must be replaced in time. If it is impossible to replace it, wipe it dry as much as possible and replace it immediately when it can be replaced.

mask and protective testing equipment

In addition to moisture-proof masks, the following points also need to be guarded.

*It is necessary to purchase masks that meet national standards in regular stores, such as face mask  bacterial filtration test and mask particle filtration test

*Cotton masks, sponge masks, and activated carbon masks are not effective in preventing viruses. Do not wear them.

*Wash your hands clean before wearing the mask and after removing it.

*In densely populated places, it is best to change masks every 8 hours.

*When you travel far away, you need to bring more masks for spare use.

*Masks cannot be reused after disinfection.

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