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Candy Packaging Material Testing Solution March 25,2024.

The packaging of candy has three main functions.

First, it protects the luster, fragrance, and shape of the product and extends its shelf life;

second, it prevents microbial and dust contamination and improves product hygiene and safety;

third, exquisite product packaging can enhance consumer awareness, purchase desire and commodity value.

The packaging forms of candy mainly include twist packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging. Twist packaging is the oldest form of packaging. This packaging form is mostly used for candies. Pillow packaging machines are more popular. Most candy manufacturers currently use pillow packaging, while folding packaging is mostly used for chocolate products.

The protective function of packaging is directly related to the quality of candy. Since the ingredients of candies themselves vary greatly, packagers have different requirements for the selection of packaging materials for different types of candies. Candies with a low water content are prone to moisture absorption, causing the product to shrivel and become sandy; candies with a high water content are prone to shrinkage and mildew, and ingredients such as starch and butter are prone to oxidation and deterioration when exposed to oxygen. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the gas and moisture-proof functions of candy packaging.

Testing of packaging barrier properties:

Since the intervention of oxygen and water vapor will cause the deterioration of candy, it is very important to control the oxygen content and water vapor content in the air environment around the candy. This requires controlling the barrier properties of candy packaging materials and the overall packaging.

Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer

Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyzer

Testing of packaging sealing performance:

The testing object of sealing performance is the leakage point of the package. By conducting sealing performance testing, data such as the maximum pressure of the packaging and leakage points can be obtained. The GBM-D1 intelligent sealing performance tester can be used with different fixtures to test packaging for bursting, leakage, creep, bubbles, etc.

Intelligent Leakage & Sealing Performance Tester

Testing of packaging pressure resistance and burst resistance:

This testing index can be used to measure the pressure resistance performance of candy packaging and to evaluate the pressure resistance performance of candy packaging during storage, transportation, and sales display. The GBN200G pressure resistance tester is suitable for Test the pressure resistance and bursting strength of various packaging bags.

Pressure Resistance Tester

Testing of the peeling force of packaging and the mechanical properties of packaging materials:

The sealing strength of candy packaging is insufficient, which can easily cause sealing problems during storage, transportation and shelf display of the candy.  If he sealing strength of packaging is too high, which will also bring problems to consumers that the packaging is difficulty to open it.  Electronic tensile testing machine can be used to test the mechanical properties of the material like tensile, puncture, peeling, shearing, bending and other performance tests.

Electronic Tensile Testing Machine

Detection of packaging printing:

Gorgeous printing has always been a selling point of candy packaging. However, various toxic substances contained in inks and solvents can affect consumers’ health. This type of detection can be completed by GC-9802 gas chromatograph. In addition to Detect the residual solvent content of packaging printed matter, and also detect the purity or content of a single solvent.

Gas chromatography

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