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packaging testing equipment Water Vapor Permeation Tester
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  • Professional PCT Test Chamber / Pressure Cooker test chamber GB-OPCT-30 supplier
    PCT Test Chamber / Pressure Cooker test chamber GB-OPCT-30


    It’s widely used in rubber products, magnetic materials, circuit boards, muti-layer circuit boards, IC, LCD, electronics and other products sealing performance testing.


    1) The imported double-temperature structure with high temperature resistant solenoid valve is used to minimize the failure rate.

    2) Independent steam generation chamber to avoid direct impact of steam on the product, so as not to cause partial damage to the product.

    3) The door lock labor-saving structure solves the shortcomings of the locking difficulty of the first-generation product disc handle.

    4) Cool air before the test; the design of the exhaust air in the test (air discharge in the test barrel) improves the pressure stability and reproduction.

    5) Ultra long-term experimental running time up to 400 hours.

    6) Water level protection, through the test room water level Sensor to detect protection.

    7) Tank with anti-pressure design, the box body with pressure (150 ° C) up to 2.65kg, in line with the water pressure test of 6kg.

    8) Two-stage pressure safety protection device, adopting two-stage combined controller and mechanical pressure protection device.

    9) Safety protection pressure button, two-stage automatic pressure button for emergency safety device.

    10) Bias test terminal withstand voltage up to 3000V (optional)

    11) USB for exporting the history data, curve.

    3.Technical parameters

    1)Temperature range: +100°C+132°C (Saturated vapor temperature)

    2)Humidity Range: 100% steam Humidity

    3)Humidity Control Stability: ±1%RH

    4)Working pressure: 1.2~2.89kg/cm2 (including 1atm)

    5)Time Range: 0 Hr to 999 Hr

    6)Pressurization time: 0.00 Kg ~ 1.04 Kg/cm2 about 45 minutes

    4.Material of chamber

    1)Test chamber size:300 mm x L500 mm;

    2)Overall size: W900x D900 x H1400 mm;

    3)Inner barrel material: Stainless steel plate material (SUS# 316, 3mm);

    4)Outer barrel material: stainless steel plate material or spray plastic;

    5)Insulation material: rock wool and hard polyurethane foam insulation

    6)Steam chamber heating tube: Titanium tube is heated and never rusts.

    7)Control System:

    Taiwan-made Delta color touch PLC to control humidity and steam temperature (using PT-100 Platinum temperature sensor). (Imported large-screen touch controller)

    5.Mechanical structure

    1)Round inner box, stainless steel round test inner box structure, in line with industrial safety container standards, can prevent dew condensation design during test.

    2)Round lining, stainless steel circular lining design, can avoid direct impact of vapor latent heat on the sample.

    3)Precision design, good air tightness, low water consumption, and can be operated continuously for 400Hrs every time.

    4)The patented packing design makes the door and the box more tightly combined, which is completely different from the traditional extrusion type, and can extend the packing life.

    5)Critical point LIMIT mode automatic safety protection, abnormal cause and fault indicator display.

    6)Security Protection:

    a)Imported high temperature sealed solenoid valve adopts double circuit structure to ensure no leakage of pressure.

    b)The whole machine is equipped with over-pressure protection, over-temperature protection, one-button pressure relief, manual pressure relief and multiple safety guarantee devices to ensure users to the greatest extent.

    c)Use and safety.

    d)Back pressure door lock device, the test box door cannot be opened when there is pressure inside the test chamber.

    6.Other accessories.

    1)Test rack 1 group

    2)Sample tray


    7.Ambient environment & Facilities.

    1)It can be allowed to use the working environment temperature 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C; experimental water: pure water or distilled water

    2)System power fluctuations should not be greater than ± 10, 220V 20A.

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