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GBPI Gas permeability tester - complete solutions for your laboratory requirements July 31,2020.

    The gas permeability tester is a testing instrument used for the determination of gas permeability, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient.

Application field

    Gas permeability  tester is widely used in food, medical packaging and other industries. Professionally suitable for the gas permeability, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient, permeability coefficient of plastic film, composite film, high barrier material, sheet, metal foil, rubber, tire air tightness, permeable membrane and other materials at various temperatures The determination.

Detection significance

    The gas penetration test is a barrier performance test. Barrier performance testing includes two types of gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and water vapor transmission rate tests. Barrier performance is one of the important factors affecting the shelf life of products, and it is also an important reference for manufacturers to analyze the shelf life of products. This test can analyze and solve quality problems such as oxidation deterioration and damp mildew caused by oxygen or water vapor sensitivity.

Test principle

    A test gas with a certain pressure is applied on one side of the test piece, and the other side is evacuated to form a pressure difference on the test piece, so that the test gas diffuses in the test piece and slowly penetrates, and the pressure on the decompression side (vacuum side) increases, and the pressure is The time changes linearly, and the gas permeability coefficient and gas permeability are calculated by the calculation formula with the slope of the obtained straight line.

GBPI differential pressure method gas permeability tester is manufactured in strict accordance with the following Chinese standards, American standards, German standards and other domestic and foreign standards.

    This instrument uses national standard materials for calibration, and at the same time meets the temperature, pressure and other parameter calibration requirements. It has the advantages of accurate and reliable test data, wide test samples, higher test efficiency and intelligent operation.

GBPI is a professional manufacturer of packaging testing instruments such as oxygen transmission rate tester, gas transmission rate tester, water vapor transmission rate tester, etc.

    GBPI Packaging Testing - complete solutions for your laboratory requirements

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