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Product Packaging Quality Control ---- How to test the compressive strength of inflatable packaging bags March 15,2021.

Importance of compressive strength of packaging bags:

Product packaging is prone to stacking cracks and crush damage during transportation and storage. Therefore, the main concern in the field of product testing is the protective effect of packaging. This requires us to formulate a test plan to evaluate the effect of packaging, and continuously improve the design based on the results to achieve the best results-under the premise of meeting product protection: reduce the total cost of product packaging as much as possible, and ensure the hot adhesion of the packaging bag The test is qualified, and the puncture resistance of the packaging bag is improved.It is well known that the packaging bags under stacking will bear a lot of pressure. If the pressure resistance of the packaging is poor, bag breakage is easy to occur. Therefore, it is required that the packaging bag body and the sealing part should have high pressure resistance. This article uses the GBPI compression tester for bag packaging to test the pressure resistance of food packaging bags as an example to introduce the test principle and test process content to everyone. Provide a reference for companies to monitor the pressure resistance of product packaging.

Many food factories use inflatable packaging bags. For nitrogen-filled packaging, the food can be placed in a low-oxygen environment, which has the effect of preventing food from oxidative deterioration and mold. However, the gas filled in the packaging has advantages and disadvantages. While protecting the food, it will have a greater impact on the packaging bag when it is squeezed or impacted by external forces, which requires the packaging bag to have higher flexibility. And sealing fastness, so strengthening the test of the pressure resistance of inflatable packaging can effectively reduce the bag breaking rate in the process of stacking and transportation.

By simulating the squeezing situation of the test sample stacking, a certain pressure is applied to the sample, and the deformation and leakage of the test sample after being kept under the applied pressure for a certain period of time. In addition, you can also set the pressure value to be applied to the test sample multiple times by testing the maximum pressure, and each setting is increased on the basis of the last force value. After the predetermined number of times is reached, the total deformation of the test sample is detected, etc. Test the compressive resistance of the test sample.

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compressive strength of packaging bags test process:

5 samples of inflatable packaging bags with intact packaging are randomly selected.

Set the test pressure, test time and other parameters. Please note that the pressure cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise it will damage the sensor, it is recommended to adjust to 0.1Mpa first, if the pressure is too low, you can gradually adjust)

(1) Take one of the samples and put it between the two test boards of the device, click the test option, the test will start, and after the test, the device will display the deformation of the sample.

(2) Put the other 4 samples in sequence between the two test boards for testing.

Observe the 5 samples under different pressures, observe the deformation after holding for 1 min, and visually observe that there is no air leakage or bag breakage.

Pressure resistance is an important performance of inflatable food packaging. In this test, a carton compression tester is used to detect the deformation of the finished packaging after a certain pressure is maintained for a certain period of time, and the leakage and bag breakage of the sample are visually inspected. To quantify the sealing performance of the sample after pressure resistance, the pressure resistance sample can also be put into a sealing tester for testing. For more solution about flexible packaging testing equipment , you can contact us directly.

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