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Testing program on the quality of food packaging printing February 23,2022.

    As we all know, today's society has developed to the extent that all goods need to be packaged, where the packaging needs to be printed. Printing is the most important means of decoration and processing of product packaging, packaging without printing is almost unimaginable. Printing plays a role in the transmission of information, publicity about the product. At the same time, for some goods, printing also plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting. Today's packaging printing towards more exquisite and improve the direction of the added value of goods. Plastic flexible packaging ink is mainly divided into organic solvent-based ink, water-soluble ink, high-solid ink and non-benzene ink. Organic solvent-based ink using toluene, xylene, acetone, butanol, ethyl acetate and other low-boiling point volatile organic substances as a solvent, fast printing speed, good quality prints, lower cost, and therefore widely used.

    Based on the current rapid development of China's social and economic situation, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and food safety issues are naturally being paid more and more attention to. Food packaging is not only the appearance of food to play a decorative role, but also its more important value is reflected in ensuring the safety and health of food, so the enterprises for food packaging printing technology and its safety to carry out relevant analysis, research is significant, the main direction of testing ink safety, printing ink layer firmness, ink residue and other directions.

Gx-B3 Disk Stripping Tester is used for gravure printing process of plastic film and cellophane decorative printed materials (including composite film printed materials) to test the fastness of the printing ink layer bonding; it can also be used for vacuum coating, surface coating, composite and other related processes formed by the adhesion state of the surface layer test test.

Gx-B3 Disk Stripping Tester

GX-C2 Rub Tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of printing ink layer, the abrasion resistance of PS plate photosensitive layer and the abrasion resistance of the surface coating of related products; it can effectively analyze the poor abrasion resistance of printing products, the peeling off of ink layer film, the low printing resistance of PS plate and the poor coating hardness of other products.

GX-C2 Rub Tester

GC-9802 Gas Chromatography is suitable for detecting organic solvents, and can detect solvent residues in packaging and printing products, and also detect the purity or content of a single solvent, which is widely used in environmental protection, trace detection of pollution of the atmosphere and water sources; analysis, monitoring, and research of toxic substances; biochemistry; clinical applications; pathology and virus research; food fermentation; petrochemicals. Petroleum processing; oil analysis; geology, prospecting research; organic chemistry; synthesis research; health quarantine; public hazard detection analysis and research. Printing inks used for food packaging are mainly resin-based printing ink (mostly refers to offset printing ink) and solvent-based printing ink. Among them, solvent-based printing inks include benzene-soluble printing inks, alcohol-soluble printing inks, water-soluble printing inks, etc. Both types of printing inks have heavy metals, soluble heavy metals and organic volatiles, solvent residues and other factors of safety hazards. China has begun to vigorously promote the use of alcohol-soluble printing inks and water-based printing inks, and other new printing ink research and development, packaging printing industry will also usher in a radical change.

 GC-9802 Gas Chromatography

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