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how to calculate compression strength of corrugated box? September 25,2020.

    The compression strength of cartons is the most important quality index required by many commodity packaging. During the test, the corrugated carton is placed between two pressure plates and pressed to pressure when the carton is crushed. This is the compression strength of the carton, expressed in kn. compression strength of predetermined carton

    Carton boxes require a certain degree of compression strength, because during storage and transportation after packaging, the cartons stacked in the bottom layer are under the pressure of the upper cartons. In order to avoid collapse, they must have the appropriate compression strength. Not only can the carton compressor be tested, the compression strength of the carton can be calculated by the following formula:

P = KW (n-1)

    Where p is the compression strength of the carton, w is the weight of the carton after packing, n is the number of stacking layers, and K is the stacking safety factor, and K is the stacking safety factor

Calculate the stacking layer number n according to the stacking height h and the height of a single carton h, and N = H / h. The stacking safety factor is determined according to the number of stacking layers of the goods. According to national standards, for storage periods less than 30d, k = 1.6; for storage periods of 30d-100d, k = 1.65; for storage periods greater than 100D, K = 2.0.

    Due to the influence of various factors in the production process, the final compression strength of the cartons produced with raw materials may not be completely consistent with the estimated results. Therefore, the ultimate accurate method to determine the compression strength of corrugated boxes is to test the compression strength of corrugated boxes with a carton compression tester     after constant temperature and humidity treatment. For small and medium-sized factories without testing equipment, a board can be covered on the carton, and then the same amount of weight can be stacked on the carton to roughly determine whether the compression strength of the carton meets the requirements

    After the compression strength of the carton is determined according to the raw materials, the appropriate carton board and corrugated base paper should be selected to produce the corrugated carton, so as to avoid blind production and cause waste

There are many formulas for calculating the compression strength of cartons based on the ring compression strength of the base paper, but the more concise and practical formula is the Kellicutt formula, which is suitable for estimating the compression strength of 0201 cartons.

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