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  • Professional Ozone Aging Test Chamber (Dynamic Stretching) GB-OCY-150M supplier
    Ozone Aging Test Chamber (Dynamic Stretching) GB-OCY-150M

    1 Function

    Ozone in the atmosphere is very little, while it’s a major factor in rubber cracking, the product simulate and enhance atmospheric ozone condition to study the role of ozone on the rubber, and to rapid identificate and evaluate rubber resistance for ozone aging and anti-ozone agent protection. According to“GB / T7762-2003 Test Method for Static Tensile Test of Ozone Resistance Cured Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber”,“GB / T2951.21-2008 General Test Method for Insulation and Sheathing Material of Cable”,“GB / T 11206-2009 Rubber Aging test surface cracking method”, and other relevant standards of the test method.

    2.1 Structure 

    All-in-one machine

    2.2 Material

    a) Inner chamber: SUS304 stainless steel plate

    b) External chamber: SUS304 stainless steel plate or baking finish.

    Insulation: rigid polyurethane foam + aluminum insulation cotton with double protection.

    2.3 Machine door

    a) Single door, open from left.

    b) Window frame / door frame with two silicone rubber seal and anti-condensation heating device.

    c)With observation window (W220xH250mm), lights above the window and door. 

    2.4 Requirements for sample holder (for dynamic-type only)


    a)At both ends of the sample to be fixed with a clamp under the required elongation, the longitudinal direction of the specimen shall be substantially parallel to the direction of air flow when in contact with ozonized air.

    b) Clamps shall be made of a material (eg aluminum) which does not readily decompose ozone.

    c) Allow the sample to rotate at a speed between (20 ^ -25) mm / s, in a plane perpendicular to the dry gas flow, with each sample moving continuously along the same path.

    d) The time of one revolution of the same specimen is (8 ^ -12) min. The scanning area of the specimen shall be at least 40% of the effective area of the test chamber.

    Specimen preparation shall conform to the provisions of GB / T 9865.1. The test specimen is preferably cut from the new test piece and, if desired, may be cut from the finished product. At least 3 specimens shall be required for per test condition. The standard length of the specimen is not less than 10mm, and thickness not less than 0.2mm. The length of specimen between the two ends of the clamp before drawing is not less than 40mm.

    3 Control panel

    a) Controller display

    b) Power switch

    c) Fault alarm

    d)Wavelength switch

    e)light switch button

    4 Enclosure configuration

    a) With a stainless steel SUS # 304 shelf turntable

    b) One φ50mm lead hole:, and with a hole cover and silicone rubber plug.

    c) Move casters 4 pcs

    d) Horizontal mounting brackets 4 pcs

    e) There is a drainage hole in the back of the machine to facilitate the drainage of condensate; (8mm in diameter)

    Three-phase five-wire cable (four-core cable + protective grounding wire) 1 pc, (three meters long).

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