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/Test Method for Oxygen Transmission Rate of Pet Food Packaging
Test Method for Oxygen Transmission Rate of Pet Food Packaging October 26,2023.


Pet food is food specially provided for pets and small animals. It is a high-end animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed. Its main nutrients are protein and fat. Under the influence of a certain temperature, oxygen and moisture, it is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate or be oxidized and decomposed by microorganisms, resulting in the loss of nutrients and even deterioration. Therefore, pet food packaging is required to have better barrier properties. GBPI uses the N530 2.0 gas transmission rate tester complied with ASTM D1434, ISO 15105-1, ISO 2556, JIS K7126-1 to test the oxygen transmission rate of dog food packaging bags sent by customers . this machine was independently developed by GBPI R&D Team.

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Testing Principle

GBPI N530 2.0 gas transmission rate tester comply with the principle of differential pressure method. Place the processed sample between the upper and lower chambers, use a vacuum pump to evacuate the entire gas system, and then add an atmospheric pressure experimental gas to the upper chamber to form a constant pressure difference between the upper and lower chambers. Under the action of the pressure gradient, gas penetrates from the upper chamber to the lower chamber through the film. The system can calculate the gas permeability and other barrier performance parameters of the sample through the pressure changes in the lower chamber.

Prepare Test Sample

The dog food packaging bags provided by the customer are multi-layer co-extruded films and bags which are with PA as the main barrier function resin. The structure of sample A is PE/Tie/PA/TIE/PE, and the structure of sample B is PA/Tie/ PE/TIE/PA/Tie/PE.

Testing Process

(1) Cut the sample: Place the clean and pollution-free sample to be tested on the cutting table, and use a special sample cutter to cut the test sample.

(2) Sample loading: Press the button to open the pneumatic chamber cover, apply a ring of sealing grease evenly on the cavity, place the filter paper in the middle of the cavity, and then place the cut sample on the cavity coated with sealing grease, then close the test chamber cover.

(3) Open the control software and set experimental parameters such as test pressure and temperature.

(4) In the software operation setting interface, select the measurement mode and fill in the test sample name, detection standard, test unit and other experimental information.

(5) Start the test.

(6) After the test is completed, the instrument pops up a prompt message indicating that the test has been completed, and automatically calculates and displays the test results.

Test Results

The oxygen transmission rate test results of this dog food packaging bag are:

Sample A: 39.9 cm3/(m2·24h·0.1MPa),

Sample B: 15.8cm3/(m2·24h·0.1MPa).


In order to ensure the quality of pet food and extend the shelf life of pet food, it is very necessary to test the oxygen transmission rate of pet food packaging materials. By testing the oxygen transmittance of packaging materials, pet food manufacturers can monitor the packaging quality through the test results, thereby avoiding pet food quality problems caused by packaging quality.

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