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6 packaging laboratory tests to protect your products July 6,2023.

The integrity of the packaging material during the transport of the product is very important for the manufacturer.

1. Protecting products from damage: During transportation, products may be affected by various adverse factors such as extrusion, collision, vibration and humidity. If the packaging material is not strong enough or does not have good cushioning properties, the product may be damaged during transport, leading to quality problems and customer dissatisfaction. The right packaging material can provide protection and ensure that the product remains intact during transportation.
2. Enhance product image and brand value: The packaging of the product is the part that comes into contact with the customer for the first time. Good packaging can leave a good impression on the customer and enhance the image and brand value of the product. If the packaging material is damaged, dirty or unattractive, it may leave an impression of poor quality to the customer and even have a negative impact on the brand image. Keeping packaging materials in good condition is therefore essential to enhance the image of the product and the value of the brand.
3. Reduce financial losses: If products are damaged in transit, companies may have to bear additional costs such as the cost of returning, repairing or re-producing them. In addition, they may also face delays in delivery, customer complaints and damage to their reputation, which can have an impact on the sustainable operation of the business. By ensuring that packaging materials are intact during transport, these financial losses can be reduced and smooth business operations can be ensured.
In summary, the integrity of packaging materials during the transport of products is of great importance to manufacturing companies. It not only protects the product and reduces damage and economic losses, but also enhances the image and brand value of the product and contributes to the sustainable development of the company. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the selection and quality management of packaging materials to ensure that products are effectively protected during transport.
Protecting the packaging of manufactured products is an important part of ensuring that products are protected from damage during transport and storage. To ensure the quality and reliability of packaging, packaging laboratories perform various tests to assess the performance of the packaging. The following are some common packaging laboratory tests:

1. Compressive strength test: This test is used to assess the strength and stability of a package when subjected to pressure. The packaging is placed on a test machine and gradually increasing forces are applied to measure the maximum pressure it can withstand.

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2. Vibration resistance test: This test is used to simulate the vibration and shock to which the product is subjected during transport. The packaging is placed on a shaker or shock table and the resistance of the packaging to vibration is assessed by simulating different transport conditions.
3. Inversion resistance test: This test is used to assess the strength and stability of the packaging in an inverted position. The packaging is placed in an inverted position and observed for deformation or breakage over a period of time.
4. Humidity resistance test: This test is used to assess the performance of the packaging in a humid environment. The packaging is placed in a high humidity environment and exposed for a certain period of time to check for moisture or deformation of the packaging.
5. Temperature resistance test: This test is used to assess the performance of the packaging under different temperature conditions. Packages are exposed to high or low temperatures to check that they retain their structural and functional integrity.
8. Puncture resistance test: This test is used to assess the puncture resistance of the packaging. The packaging is subjected to a certain amount of force to check that no holes or leaks will occur.
These are common test methods used in packaging laboratories to ensure that the product is adequately protected during the packaging process. Other customised tests can be carried out depending on the product and packaging requirements.

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