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What are the different types of heat sealing testers September 10,2020.

The heat sealing testser is a testing instrument researched and produced for packaging heat seal strength testing. The heat sealing testser is mainly used to measure the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper and other heat sealing composite films , Heat sealing pressure and other parameters.

Because the equipment is a precision laboratory instrument, it is generally used for laboratory testing applications in packaging material factories, food, medicine, quality inspection institutes, research institutions and other enterprises and institutions.

Among the many items of product packaging inspection , the heat-sealing strength inspection of the packaging is an important analysis index to evaluate the sealing strength of the heat-sealed parts. This requires heat sealing tests on the products. If the heat-sealing strength is insufficient, it will cause the package to crack at the heat-sealed place, causing problems such as food and medicine leakage and contamination.

Equipment classification

According to the design of the heat sealing head, the heat sealing instrument can be divided into a single head heat sealing instrument and a double five-point heat sealing instrument

Single head heat sealing instrument

Five-point heat sealer

The single-head heat-sealing instrument can conduct heat-sealing tests on flexible packaging materials at a set temperature, pressure, and time, so as to quickly and easily find the best heat-sealing process parameters of the material.

As the name implies, the equipment head is designed as a single head, the lower head accurately controls the temperature, and can be controlled by the experiment temperature. The temperature control adopts P.I.D temperature control technology, which is accurate in temperature control and fast in temperature rise.

The five-point heat sealing instrument can measure the heat sealing parameters of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper and other heat sealing composite films at a certain heat sealing speed, heat sealing pressure and five heat sealing temperatures. The melting point, thermal stability, fluidity and thickness of the heat-sealing materials will show different heat-sealing performance, and the sealing process parameters may vary greatly. Using this equipment can accurately and efficiently obtain the best heat sealing performance parameters.

The equipment adopts the design of independent temperature control of the upper and lower heads, and the unique five independent temperature control designs of the upper head, which facilitates the high standards of temperature and test efficiency for customers during the test.

The heat-sealing strength tester with ASTM F2029 developed and produced by GBPI is mainly suitable for the determination of heat-sealing temperature, heat-sealing time and heat-sealing pressure of materials such as films, composite films, PVC hard sheets, and medicinal aluminum foils. The heat sealing tester adopts advanced temperature control technology to reach the set temperature accurately and quickly. The professional brand pressure control system can ensure the control of the test pressure. The time and time setting is based on the actual needs of the user. The heat seal strength tester is It is a cost-effective testing instrument with high control accuracy and automation degree among similar products.

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