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GBPI Helps Global CORONA VIRUS Prevention and Control March 20,2020.
Currently, CORONA VIRUS continues to rag around the world. At the time when the international community is stepping up its control of the epidemic, China is actively sharing its prevention and control experience with relevant countries, and is providing assistance within its capacity to some countries where the epidemic has spread. As an industry-leading high-tech private enterprise. GBPI, in addition to expediting the development and production of mask detection equipment, is facing the global epidemic, and we hope to provide assistance to global enterprises and friends wherever we can, specifically in the following areas:

1.Provided by direct sales or sales channels of protective equipment

Mask, Goggles, Protective Clothing, Infrared Forehead Grab, Portable Ventilator

2. Guidance for community, enterprise and individual epidemic prevention and control

1) Communities: how to carry out community prevention and control management, how to carry out epidemic prevention and control propaganda to community members

2) Enterprise companies: how to prevent and control, and what to do if there are suspected cases in the enterprise

3) Personal: how to protect daily, how to protect the surrounding cases

3. Free provision of protective equipment in severe epidemic areas or medical institutions (GBPI will donate)
For some severely epidemic-stricken regional institutions or communities, a certain number of protective supplies are provided free of charge. Friends in need can contact us.

4. Mental health guidance during the epidemic
How companies can channel the bad emotions of employees during the epidemic, try not to affect the operation of the enterprise, and for employees, how to face the epidemic with a healthy mentality.

5.GBPI Self-developed Mask Detection Instrument

Ethylene oxide gas chromatography
Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration
Mobile Atomizing Humidification And Disinfection Equipment
Multifunctional Tensile Tester for Face Mask
Face Mask Particulate Filtration Efficiency Tester
Face Mask Pressure Differential Tester
Respiratory resistance tester
Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Detector
Facial Mask Flame Retardant Tester

Friends who need help around the world can contact us and we will try our best to help you!

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