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What does water Vapour permeable mean July 15,2020.

vapor permeation refers to the phenomenon that water vapor molecules penetrate and diffuse from the side with high partial pressure to the side with low partial pressure when the partial pressure difference of water vapor exists on both sides of the envelope.

The amount of steam penetration is directly proportional to the breathability of the material of the envelope structure and the difference in partial pressure of steam on both sides, and inversely proportional to the thickness of the structure.

vapor permeation is a new gas-phase dehydration membrane separation process. It is based on steam feed. Under the impetus of the partial pressure difference of each component in the mixture, the use of each component in the membrane to dissolve and expand the difference in performance to achieve The mixture separates.

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The application of vapor permeation technology in the separation of near boiling point, constant boiling point and isomers has its unique advantages, and it can also be coupled with biological and chemical reactions.

The continuous removal of the reaction products has significantly improved the conversion rate of the reaction. Its technical and economic advantages are obvious, and it has broad application prospects in industrial fields such as petrochemicals, medicine, food, and environmental protection.

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