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/Battery Diaphragm Air Permeability Tester N600

Battery Diaphragm Air Permeability Tester N600

Battery Diaphragm Air Permeability Tester is to test the air permeability of the battery diaphragm. Gas permeability, which is mainly focusing on oxygen, should reach a certain range to meet the operating requirement.
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Product Detail

N600 Battery Diaphragm Air Permeability Tester

To test the air permeability of the battery diaphragm.

Operating principle
Gurley Method:To measure the time taken to pass 100 ml of gas at a constant pressure difference of 1.23 kpa.
Schopper-Riegler Method: Select the appropriate test duration and determine the air flow rate through the sample by measuring the volume under the constant pressure difference of 1.00 kPa±0.01kPa or 2.50±0.01kPa
Bendtsen method:At a constant pressure difference of 1.47kPa, the air flow through the test surface was recorded after clamping for 5s.

SJ_T 10171-2016 General Test Method for Basic Properties of Alkaline Battery Membranes (air permeability portion)
GB/T 458-2008 Measurement of Air Permeability of Paper and Board
GB/T 36363-2018 Polyolefin Separator for Lithium Ion Batteries



Gurley Method

Schopper Method

Bendtsen method

Testing Range


Transmission Rate

 c0.01-120ml/minOther ranges are optional

 Resolution Ratio


Differential Pressure

Range0-3KPaAccuracy±0.01kPaOther ranges are optional

Effective pressure difference


1.00 kPa±0.01kPa or

2.50±0.01kPaGas flow less than0.13ml/L


Testing Duration


Sample Size







Sample Temperature and Humidity Treatment

A. PreprocessLet stand for 24h under the condition of <40℃, 10-35%RH

B.The difference between weighing before and after 1h is not more than 0.25% of the total mass, and the sample is balanced

Instrument Dimensions

L×W×H: 500mm×400mm×300mm



Power Source


The three test methods: Gurley method, Schopper Method, and Bentley method are integrated into one machine for users to choose freely to meet the test needs of different users.
The pressure difference of the instrument is adjustable in the range of 0-3KPa, and the accuracy is 0.01kPa, which fully meets the test pressure requirements of the three methods.
The instrument has a large test volume of 1L, which fully meets the volume requirements of the three methods.
Free conversion between test area 10.0cm2 and 6.42cm2 by adding a mask.
The instrument comes with a temperature and humidity sensor to monitor the temperature and humidity of the test chamber in real time.
The instrument has good sealing performance and the air leakage volume does not exceed 1.0ml / h.
The instrument comes with a display screen and PC software, which can be operated offline and connected to a computer for simultaneous testing.

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