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/N900 Air Permeability Analyzer for Textile

N900 Air Permeability Analyzer for Textile

N900 Air Permeability Analyzer to test the air permeability of many textile, including technical fabric, non-woven and breathable textile products.

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N900 Air Permeability Analyzer

GTR tester for textile

1. Product Introduction

N900 Air permeability analyzer, a blend ofmechanism, electron and software, is highprecision experiment-usage testing instrument developed by GB/T5453-1997  Textile--Determination of the permeability of fabrics of air.

Itis applied to test the air permeability of many textile, including technical fabric, non-woven and breathable textile products.

Key components:imported pressure sensor, turbofan, air cylinder, motor

2. Working Principle

Air permeability refers to the performance of air pass through the fabric. Indicate it by the rate of airflow vertically penetrating the test sample in a certain test area, pressure drop and time.

Keeping a pressure difference, test the airflow vertically penetrating the test area of sample in a certain period of time, so as to calculate the air transmission rate. The airflow rate can be calculated directly, or calculated by testing pressure differences between two sides of flow pore.

3. Standard

GB/T 5453-1997、ISO 9237-1995、GOST ISO 9237-2013、GB/T 10655-2003、QB/T 2799-2006、ISO 4638-1984、ASTM D737-2004(2016)

4. Technical Specifications



measurement range

1~4000Pa(pressure drop can be adjusted)

Test range


Test error


Sample size


Test area

5cm2、20 cm2、50 cm2、100 cm2

Sample thickness




Instrument size




Power supply

AC 220 V , 50 Hz

5.Instrument Features

1) Cylinder control and fix the sample automatically, quick test.

2) Pressure adjustable; auto measure, auto calculate results.

3) Mainframe configures color touch screen, without external computer, can  observe the permeability rate of the sample in real-time.

4) Can test multiple sets of data continuously; can query, delete a group or groups of experimental results, print reports.

5) Professional software, simple interface, easy to operate, display test data (air permeability, variation coefficient and other parameters) in real time, support different unit conversion. ( Test unit: mm/s, l/(dm^2.min), l/(m^2.s), m^3/(m^2.min), m^3/(m^2.h), cfm, cm^3/(cm^2.h), ml/s, ml/min, l/s, l/min)

6) Generate standard test report automatically, details contain sample name, specifications, serial number, the direction of the airflow through the fabric, test area and the pressure drop of the experiment, standard, test dates, and test results (air permeability rate, variation coefficient, 95% confidence interval).

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GB/T 32610-2016、GB 2626-2006、GB19082-2009、GB 19083-2010
GB 24539-2009 、YY 0469-2011 、YYT0969-2013




Test range


Flowmeter range


Sampling frequency


Particle concentration


Counting median diameter

Salt particles0.075±0.02μmOil particles0.185±0.02μm

Geometric standard deviation of particle size distribution

Salt particles≤1.86Oil particles≤1.60

Dynamic detection range

0.001-100 mg/m3accuracy1%



Power supply

AC 220V50Hz

Differential pressure sensor range



l  Using a cold aerosol generator to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, convenient for filling the solution.

l  Measurement of aerosol concentration using a high-precision PM2.5 sensor.
Anti-leakage design of whole particles to protect the safety of laboratory personnel.
2 sets of Aerosol generator:Salty aerosol generator and oily aerosol generator.

l  Equipped with aerosol particle neutralization device.

l  The pneumatic clamp is equipped with a protection device, which is safe and convenient to use.

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l  Control system: The computer controls the test process, automatically collects data, and configures a special computer and test software.
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