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Vacuum Freeze Dryer GB-LGJ-200F

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Product Detail


Factory use vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for drying product such as food, drug products, biological products, Chinese medicine and more. It is to dry product at low temperature to preserve, stabilize, store and increase the life of products.. Freeze vacuum drying is a new type of box structure introduced by the vacuum freeze dryer that combines the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat transfer oil heating system, and moisture removal system. It uses the space for storing materials in the box to dry.

Main Technical Parameters





Freeze-drying area


Layers of shelf


Temperature scope of shelf



Shelf temperature error


(in balance)

Shelf spacing


Size of shelf



Min. Temperature of condenser



Water-capture capability


Liquid material

22Lthickness 10mm


Electric defrosting

Final Vacuum degree


Style of cooling

Fan cooling

Main functions

Manual + Auto Control Mode, Sensor calibration, Intelligent temperature control, Freeze drying termination reminding and other functions are available.

Technical parameters

Main configuration


Shelf effective area

2.25 m2



Shelf size

500mm × 900mm


Shelf numbers

51Radiation layer

Top shelf as temperature compensating plate


Material number plate

10 pcs


Shelf spacing

70 mm


Shelf temperature range

-50℃~+70℃ (no-load


Min. condenser temp.

-70 no-load


System final vacuum degree


Basic configuration 


Installation Power


This is installed power, not operating power.

Shape and other parts



About 1200x2100x1700mm, L*W*H



 About 1200





Electrical system

Ground protection


Design, production, installation standards

According to GMP, GB/T522 6.1-1996


Whole machine test

Test, verify data, methods, and equipment support

Drying chamber components





Roughness of inner wall

Ra 0.6μm


Opening direction

Clockwise or anticlockwise (overlooking ,user confirm)


Chamber material

AISI 304  stainless steel

 Door  material



Working temperature



Thermal insulation material

Polyurethane foam

 Shelf components

Shelf material

AISI 304  Top and bottom plate thickness 5mm

Shelf structure

AISI 304 stainless steel

Patent No. :ZL201020237059.X


Roughness of shelf

Ra 0.6 μm



≤ ±0.5mm / m


Effective shelf size

500mm×900 mm


Amount of shelf




Effective area of shelf


Shelf spacing

 70 mm


Temperature decreasing rate

+20down to -40/ within 60 min,

(no-load, entrance of silicon oil )


Temperature elevating rate

-40up to +20/ within 60 min,

(no-load, entrance of silicon oil )

Shelf lowest temperature


(no-load, entrance of silicon oil )


Shelf highest temperature


(no-load, entrance of silicon oil )


Shelf temperature error

≤ ±1

≤ ±1( in balance )

Condenser components


Condenser Shape

Vertical type, cylindrical

Compact structure, better water capture ,easy to clean and defrosting

Condenser material

AISI 304


Condenser water capture



Condenser temp. Decreasing

+20--40, within 30 minutes


Condenser Min. temp.




Electrochemical cream

Thermal insulation material

Polyurethane foam

Refrigeration system



France original imported TECUMSEH full closure compressor


Environmentally friendly refrigerant


Refrigerator number

2 sets


Shelf refrigeration

1 sets (shelf refrigeration at same time, indirect refrigeration)


Condenser refrigeration

1 set (shelf refrigeration at same time, direct refrigeration)

World famous devices are used to make sure correct, stable, safe and reliable.


High pressure protection device

When systems air discharge pressure exceeds allowed pressure, machine automatically stops working, to avoid an accident.


expansion valve



Top cover valve



solenoid valve



Oil separator



High pressure controller



Disacidify filter



Pressure meter


LR/REFCO(Germany/Swiss) oil submerge  pressure meter


Water cooling condenser

Well-known brand

Vacuum system

Double stage rotary vane pump

Tan's Vacuum Pump



1 set

Vacuum gauge



Chamber pumping rate

Atmosphere10 Pa 30 minutes(in dry condition)


System Maximum vacuum



System leaking rate

10 Pa·l / sec

 Liquid circulation system



low viscosity silicon oil ( 25, 5cst )

National qualified product


Liquid tubing material

AISI 304, welding, heat  keeping

Circulation pump

GRUNDFOS, original imports, web rotor canned pump

From Denmark brand, world famous brand


Circulation pump quantity

1 set


Heating rate



Heating control style

Solid-state relay

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger

Well-known brands


Temperature sensor

PT-100 platinum resistance

  Control system

Control style

Automatic and manual control

Control system



Control board



Touch screen



Intermediate relay



AC contactor



Air circuit-breaker



Wiring terminals:

Well-known brands

 Safety protection


Whole machine protection

All safety conditions are ready for whole machine, machine can start running.


Operation protection

Electrical system have logic interlock, control and protection function


Vacuum pressure



Heating system



Power cut and supply

With safety protection measure


Products protection during sublimation process

Heat cutting if vacuum lack


Condenser protection when vacuum pump start


 Whole machine design



3Ph+N+PE, 380V


Installed power

13.5 KW (this is installed power, not running power)


Whole machine structure

Integrated structure (easy for transport and placement)


Whole machine size

About  1200x2100x1700mm, L*W*H


Whole machine weight (kg)

About 1200


Time of warranty:

One year after site acceptance.


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