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packaging testing equipment Water Vapor Permeation Tester
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Gas Chromatography

/High purity nitrogen hydrogen and air gas generator for gas chromatography

High purity nitrogen hydrogen and air gas generator for gas chromatography

gas generator can generates high purity nitrogen, hydrogen and air; it can supply stable and high quality gas for Gas Chromatography

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1. As gas source supply for Gas Chromatography, can replace inconvenient large size gas cylinder.

2. Easy to operate, stable pressure output, with gas flow meter.

3. It does not consume electrolyte solute, only need to add distilled water.

4. Multiple safety protections.

5. Can work continuously for a long time.


Nitrogen purity


Hydrogen purity


Air quality

dry, no oil, three levels of purification and cleaning


N2, H2: 0-300ml/min; Air: 0-2000ml/min

Output pressure

H2: 0-0.4mpa(default 0.3mpa),N2: 0-0.5mpa(default 0.4mpa), Air: 0-0.4mpa

Environment requirement

temperature 10-40℃, humidity≤85%, no dense dust, no corrosive gas

Max power


Instrument size

460mm x 360mm x370mm

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz



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