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Liquid Chromatography Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

Based on the accumulation of research and development and manufacturing technologies of mass spectrometers, Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. has been tackling key problems for six years,through painstaking efforts, ingenuity and continuous upgrading and iteration, it solemnly launched the second generation triple quadrupole GBLC-TQ 1000. The product integrates a number of core patented technologies such as high-efficiency anti-fouling ion source, multi-stage ion guidance technology, high-precision mass analyzer, linear acceleration collision cell, and high-voltage radio frequency power supply. Compare with that first generation product, the invention has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, better sensitivity, faster scanning speed, bet stability and overall performance improvement, and is suitable for sample detection and scientific research in various fields such as public security, food, clinic, medicine, environmental protection and the like. GBLC-TQ 1000 will be your laboratory's indispensable assistant, help you easily cope with any challenge, achieve
unimaginable achievements.
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    GBLC-TQ 1000
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Product Detail
The samples were separated by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and then transported to the ion source for ionization. The ions were transmitted to the mass analyzer through the vacuum interface and the ion guide rod. The target parent ions were selected by Q1 and entered the collision pool to react with the collision gas to generate daughter ions, which entered the Q3 quadrupole for quality screening. Finally, the screened daughter ions arrive at the detector to generate ion signals.

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