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Plastics Compost Biodegradation Respirometer

GBDA-120 Compost Degradation Tester is designed in full compliance with standards such as ISO14855-1 and ASTM D5338. The mass of carbon dioxide released during biodegradation can be detected automatically, and the biodegradation percentage of degradable materials can be determined.
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Supermarket shopping bag
Disposable Food Containers

Garbage bags
Express packaging bags
Agricultural mulch film

Test principle

The test material and inoculum are mixed and poured into the reaction vessel. Under the condition of aerobic composting, the organic compounds of the test materials are decomposed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and the mineralized inorganic salts and new substances of the elements contained in them, and the emitted carbon dioxide (CO2) is measured by a continuous infrared analysis sensor (CO2) to determine the final biodegradability of the test material. 


ISO14855-1, ASTM D5338, ASTM D6400, JIS K 6953 GB22047, ISO 17556-2012, GB/T19277.1



Technical parameters

Temperature Control Range

Room Temperature ~80

Temperature Control Accuracy


Flow Control Range

0.01~1 L/min

Flow control rate

±1.0% FS

Flow Detection Range

0.01~2 L/min

Flow Detection Accuracy


Carbon Dioxide Detection Range


Carbon Dioxide Detection Accuracy

0-3000 ppm, ±40 ppm3000-10000 ppm, ±2%

Oxygen Detection Accuracy


Oxygen Detection Range


Test Chambers

12 chambers

Air Source Pressure

0.20.8 Mpa

Air Source  Connection


Test Cavity Volume



2600 mm*810 mm*1930 mm



Power Supply

AC 220V50Hz


Precise control of experimental conditions

  • 360℃ air bath temperature control, intelligent PID module algorithm can accurately control the temperature required for the reaction.
  • Intelligent detection of humidity, automatic humidification of the external water tank and condensate return technology to ensure that the standard requirements for the water content of the inoculum are met within the test cycle.

Technological advancement
  • Intelligent air tightness monitoring, equipped with high-precision brand flowmeters, real-time monitoring system sealing performance, providing suspected leakage alarm function, ensuring that each composting container can maintain sufficient aeration conditions during the test.
  • Support accidental power failure during the test period, and the test function will continue to be restored after incoming calls.
  • The channels can be freely combined, and the blank, reference, and sample modes can be freely set for independent testing.
  • Real-time display of carbon dioxide quality curve and biodegradation rate curve.
  • Support remote monitoring of the experimental process through mobile phones, ipads, and PCs.

Result validity analysis

  • The software contains a result validity judgment module, which can display the biodegradation rate of the reference material after 45 days, the carbon dioxide (mg) produced by the blank container within 10 days before the experiment (mg)/the volatile solids of the inoculum (g), and the biodegradation rate of 18 channels Relative deviation.
  • The report template contains parameters such as the average carbon dioxide value of the blank group, theoretical carbon dioxide, generated carbon dioxide, biological decomposition rate, relative decomposition rate and time.

Personalized customization

  • The tail gas analysis module can be customized to meet different scientific research needs, such as methane, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, odor, VOC and other gas characteristic parameters.
  • Support 12/18/24/30 station customization, support data mean mode customization.

Laboratory Intelligent IoT Platform

  • The instrument can be connected to the IoT platform to realize network digital management.
  • Remotely log in to the IoT platform, authorize access to the instrument software interface, and realize functions such as managing experimental data, remotely diagnosing and solving faults.
  • Customers can download the required instrument information, documents, and operation videos on the platform by themselves.

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