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GBPI ASTM D3198 Automatic Torque Tester

The torque tester is professionally suitable for testing the torque value of the caps of packaging products such as bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, and milk bottles. It is an ideal configuration instrument for offline or online testing of production units in the packaging industry.

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Product Detail

Technical Features

§ Embedded operation interface

§ 7-inch touch screen control, full display dynamictest process

§ With three-level authority management, with traceable inquiry test

§ Dual mode design of locking force and opening force, automatic test of the two-way torque value of the bottle cap

§ Tighten or unscrew the torque value can be set, the instrument automatically opens and locks the bottle cap

§ Professional software can store countless test data,

§ Output and print functions, clearly shows the test results

§ Standard USB interface easy to connect to computer

Test Standard

ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474, BB/T 0025, BB/T 0034, GB/T 17876




Basic Applications

·  Bottle Packages

Application and removal torque test of the bottle caps for bottled packages for food, pharmaceuticals, e.g. beverage or tablet bottles

·  Flexible Tube Packages

Application and removal torque test of flexible tube packages for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, e.g. eye-drop, hand cream and shoe polish

Extended Applications

·  Screws

Application and removal torque test of the screws

·  Vacuum Flasks and Vacuum Cups

Application and removal torque test of the caps of vacuum flasks and vacuum cups

Technical Data Sheet



Load Cell Capacity

5 Nmstandard

20 Nmoptional

40 Nm (optional)




0.0001 Nm

Twisting speed


Clamp force

Adjustable according to the sample

Clamp Range

Φ5 mmΦ170 mm (diameter)

Bottle Height

Up to 400mm

Data Numbers


No up limits on professional softwareand multiple units available.

Gas Supply

Compressed Air (Out of supply scope)

Gas Supply  Pressure

0.7Mpa (101.5psi)

Power Supply

220V 50Hz



Net Weight




InstrumentMicro Printer


Professional Software and communication cable



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