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Falling Dart Impact Tester

/Falling Dart Impact Tester GBD-L2

Falling Dart Impact Tester GBD-L2

GBD-L2 falling dart impact tester is suitable for testing materials such as plastic film or sheet and steel plate coating with a thickness of less than 1mm. Under a given height of free falling dart impact, it can measure the energy (in Quality to express results) of plastic films,thin section specimens and other materials. Through the impact resistance test, it can prevent the packaging surface from being damaged when the packaging material is impacted or dropped due to insufficient toughness of the packaging material, and effectively avoid the product from being damaged due to impact or falling in the circulation link. It can be used in scientific research, teaching, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, research institutes and quality supervision departments.

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Product Detail

1. Feature

 The host is equipped with a color touch screen, which is convenient for users to perform test operations.

 The novel mechanical model and the humanized design of the operation interface make the operation of the instrument simple and convenient;

 Test method A method, B method, single-chip test mode design, one machine with three uses;

 Using the principle of electromagnetic suction, it can be released automatically, effectively avoiding system errors caused by human factors

 The test process is intelligent, which greatly improves work efficiency;

 The sample is pneumatically clamped and released, which reduces the error and test time;

 No need for manual drawing and marking in the test process, and the data parameter system LCD display;

 The test data system automatically recognizes and calculates without manual intervention;

 Built-in printer, which can print test reports.

 The instrument can perform data query, query the results of each group of data, and can support 30 groups of data queries.u


2. Standard

ASTM D1709, ISO7765-1, JIS K7124, GB/T 9639, GB/T 15267


3. Technical Parameter


Technical Parameter

Test Method

Method A, Method B, Single Chip Test

Method A Test Range


Method B Test Range


Single Chip Test Range

20g, 25g, 40g, 60g, 80g

Test Accuracy


Dart Head Size

A methodΦ38±1mmB methodΦ50±1mm


A  5g15g30g80g each 8 pcs. 120g 16 pcsA method

B  15g45g,90g each 8 pcs. 180g 9 pcsB method 

Weight size

A methodΦ30mmB methodΦ45mm

Impact height


Specimen fixture

Pneumatic fixtureOuter diameter150mmInside diameter125mm

Gas source

Compressed air0.6~0.8MPa

Air source interface

Φ6mm tube





Power supply

AC 220V, 50Hz



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