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/GBR Hot Tack Tester For Sticking Strength of Packaging Films

GBR Hot Tack Tester For Sticking Strength of Packaging Films

GBR hot tack tester is to test the sticking strength of packaging films after heat sealed with different temperature, pressure and time. To test the sticking strength of packaging films after heat sealed with different temperature, pressure and time. It simulates the use of packaging bag and makes impact experiment on the part of hot tack. 

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Product Detail

I. Application

Plastic film

Suitable for food, medicine, various types of composite films and other soft packages

Medical nonwovens

Medical Device Packaging

II. Standards

ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029, GB/T 34445, QB/T 2358, YBB00122003

III. Working Principle

Align and overlap two test samples, clip one end in clips, two samples each spread over upper side and lower side of impact bar, and pass through the hot tack entrance; then the heat sealed two samples are pulled quickly to the impact bar, and forced off by the impact bar; the force value is the measuring value (unit: N).


IV. Specifications

Technical parameter

Test range

0-50N (Customizable)

Temperature range

room temperature ~ 250ºC

Measurement accuracy

Level 0.5

Heat sealing pressure


Heat seal dwell time


Instrument size


Power supply

220V 50Hz / 500W

Net weight


                    Cooling time
User Setting

V. Features

1. P.I.D control system, high accuracy.

2. Upper and lower heat seal bars can set different temperatures.

3. LCD display, convenient and easy to use.

4. Built-in printer can print out report.

5. Can customize size, shape and smoothness of heat seal bar.

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