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Electronic Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge

Laboratory Glass Package Tester for Ampoule, injection bottle, infusion bottle, oral medicine bottle. Thickness testing, Burst, testing, Pressure Resistance testing, and Thermal Testing for Medical/Pharma Packages. 20+ Years Test Experience.
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Electronic Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge

Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge

General Application

CHY-G Electronic Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of the bottom and wall of glass bottles in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Based on traditional thickness measuring instrument, the instrument adds a tray to stabilize the bottle, avoiding measurement errors caused by shaking of the bottle.


  • 7-inch color touch LCD screen, microcomputer control, automatic grouping and calculate maximum, minimum and average values.
  • Real-time display of rotation angle to ensure accurate return of measurement.
  • Meet two test methods of bottom thickness and wall thickness.
  • New added bottle supporting device on measuring platform supports adjustment of up and down, which makes the test easy and convenient.
  • System supports micro-printing.
  • Software user hierarchical authority management, data statistics and audit functions to meet industry requirements.

Specific Applications


Tests for thickness of bottle wall and bottom

For glass ampoules, glass tube bottles, glass molded bottles, glass tube injection bottles, glass molded injection bottles and oral liquid bottles.

Tests for thickness of bottle wall and bottom

For glass infusion bottles, beer bottles, spirits bottles, wine bottles, mineral water plastic bottles and carbonated beverage plastic bottles.

Measurement Principle

CHY-G Electronic Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge adopts capacitive displacement sensor technology. The measuring head contacts the bottle and corresponds to the dart head. The capacitive displacement sensor in the two systems collects the response data and then calculates the corresponding bottle wall/bottom thickness through the system.


YBB00332002-2015: Ampoules made of low borosilicate glass tubing

YBB00332003-2015: Injection Vials Made of Soda Lime Glass Tubing

YBB00032004-2015: Oralliquid bottles made of soda lime glass tubing

GB 12415-90: Pharmaceuticalglasscontainers- Stressexamination-Testmethods

Technical Specification


CHY-G Electronic Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge

Measurement range


Division value


Sample diameter

5mm-300mm(customized support

Sample height

5mm-330mm (customized support)


400(L)X 360(W)X 700(H)mm

Communication connector

USB connector

Environmental temperature


Environmental humidity

10-90%, no condensation



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